Local Committees (Student Committees)

The member universities of IAESTE Turkey network have the possibility of forming student clubs/committees in order to actively participate in raising work offers to exchange. In this way, they would increase their chance to send their students abroad.

Unlike other exchange programs, IAESTE is the only one to enable a cooperation across multiple generations of students and academics. Beyond this, IAESTE provides the opportunity to join many national and international social activities and workshops for students. IAESTE Turkey now has 10 student committees associated with their own universities’ IAESTE representatives, of which the activity levels are different according to their experience. These student organizations help with great efforts to collect work offers in their local boundaries, which contributes to the sustainability of the program. This voluntary work underpins the social aspect of the program, in which the volunteers meet the incoming students and help them with their orientation and the lodging as well as the organization of summer reception activities. This reciprocity gives them the opportunity to apply for an internship abroad.

Student Committees and Contact Information

The students who are interested in IAESTE internships, should first contact the student committees based in their own universities, if available.

Below is the list of actively working student groups in some member universities: