IAESTE Turkey 12. National Student Conference
16-18 February 2018, Galatasaray University, Istanbul


IAESTE Turkey 11. National Student Conference

101 students representing 14 different member universities gathered at Istanbul MEF University on 24-26 February 2017. The students who had been IAESTE volunteers for a long time moderated various workshops on project management, team-work and volunteerism, summer reception activities and so on. Participants were informed on application and job-raising process of IAESTE.

IAESTE Turkey LC Weekend 2017


38 students coming from 10 different member universities gathered in Amasra on 15-17 September 2017. Newly registered students were informed on application for internships and how to raise job offers to increase the quality of the exchange program in overall. The main emphasis was on the cooperation and communication between Local Committees in different parts of Turkey.

IAESTE Turkey LC Weekend 2016

30 students from 5 universities gathered in Kerpe near Kocaeli on 1-2 October 2016.