• First of all, you will be a part of an international organization by accepting a foreign student as an intern and thus, by giving one of our students the opportunity to do their internship abroad in return.

  • You will be contributing to a program aiming to raise future’s engineers, architects, etc. with international experience.

  • An intern coming from a different cultural background will also enrich your workplace by motivating your own employees for intercultural communication and teamwork. Employees could also find a chance to improve their foreign language skills.

  • IAESTE tries their best to find the most appropriate candidate for the work offer you provide. You are just expected to state your requirements that the candidate student should meet. The more detailed the work offer is, the easier is to find the suitable student for the position.

  • This program gives employers the opportunity to be a part of an international network where they can find a future employee if both parties agree after the internship period.

  • This program is also useful to raise an intern who could then be employed at the company’s available branches abroad.

  • International recognition is also a part of this cooperation, where the employers are listed each year at IAESTE A.s.b.l. Annual Review. The Review published in 2017 could be downloaded at  http://www.iaeste.org/about-iaeste/annual-review/.