How to Employ a Trainee?

You could directly contact IAESTE Turkey if you are interested in this exchange program.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. The person who will be in charge of the incoming intern should fill out the forms submitted by the IAESTE Turkey office.

  2. It should be noted that each form is for only one student, unless the offer is published as a COBE. Depending on the number of interns that the company wants to employ, the IAESTE office shares the offer(s) with other countries at the AC or via IAESTE Exchange Platform.

  3. The placement should be kept reserved until IAESTE office sends the candidate’s documents to the employer. This period could extend from March till June.

  4. The employer is expected to evaluate the candidate’s application within max. 2 weeks after receiving the application documents via e-mail. If the student is not accepted for the offer, a new candidate is found.

  5. If the student is accepted for the offer, the student signs the confirmation of acceptance within 2 weeks and inform the employer about their arrival.

  6. Interns should cover their own expenses related to travel, lodging, visa and health insurance. Employers should, however, give the interns a monthly allowance set by the IAESTE Turkey each year. If the companies have facilities for shuttle, lunch, etc. , they are also expected to help trainees use them.