Outgoing Students

Requirements for Application:

  • The university should be a member of IAESTE Turkey network.

  • The student should be studying min. 3rd semester.

  • The student should have min. 70 out of 100 at a foreign language exam accepted by IAESTE Turkey.

  • Student’s GPA should be min. 2.00 out of 4.00.

  • Bachelor degree students are of first priority.

How to receive a Work-Offer:

At the end of each January, IAESTE Turkey joins the Annual Conference, where the offers are exchanged between countries. After the Conference, the offers are distributed among the member universities in accordance with the offers they have provided for the same year. If the university has not collected any offer, but just sent a candidates’ list, their students could have the chance to apply in the second round. The offers received by a member university are allocated to the students by the university’s IAESTE representative according to the rank of the student in the list.

Individual applications of non-member university students are not accepted!

Important! :

  • University students interested in the IAESTE exchange program should first contact their IAESTE representatives and the student committees if available. The students should check the members list!

  • IAESTE exchange program is not a funding program. The employers are to give students a monthly allowance according to their respective country’s standards. Students should note that each country has a different procedure in terms of payments.

  • The students are expected to cover their own travel, lodging and visa expenses. Tickets should not be booked before receiving the visa!

  • Lodging is arranged by the Local Committees upon acceptance.

  • The students are responsible for their own travel and health insurance before leaving the country. Some countries are exceptional, so the student should make sure before travelling by contacting the IAESTE office.

COBE (Continuous Online Based Exchange): An offer is published/shared and made available by the Receiving Country to all possible countries on the Exchange Platform. The Sending Countries can nominate one student per offer. The Receiving Country selects the most qualified applicant(s) from all nominated students within one week after the expiry of the publication deadline. After selecting the most qualified applicant(s), the Receiving Country presents a maximum of 3 student(s) to the employer. If none of the nominated students are accepted, the offer is published/shared again or cancelled.

As this type of offer is different from one-on-one exchange and requires more competition among candidates, it is highly recommended to prepare a well-organized application.

FCFS (First Come, First Served): An offer is published/shared and made available by the Receiving Country to all possible countries on the Exchange Platform. The first applicant is directly presented to the employer’s evaluation, so it is important to apply fast.

These offers (COBE and FCFS) are regularly announced on iaeste.net and on our webpage.