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How to Apply for Students?

Standard applications are first collected by the member universities’ IAESTE representatives. The procedure is as follows:

  1. The student contacts their university representative and the student group if available.

  2. The student should sit the foreign language exam organized by their own university under the guidance of their IAESTE representative.

  3. The main candidates’ list is submitted by the university representative based on the results of the foreign language exam, the GPA of the students and their activity level in the collection of offers.

  4. Member universities can receive a certain amount of internship placements proportional to the offers they have collected for the same exchange year.

  5. The eligible students can apply for the offers sent to their IAESTE representative on condition that they meet the application criteria for the offers. IAESTE Turkey office do not collect individual applications.

  6. If a student has chosen a suitable work offer, they should prepare and send their IAESTE representative the application documents within a certain period of time announced.

  7. The member university representatives submit the applications of their own students altogether by the deadline and IAESTE Turkey office sends them to respective country offices for employers’ evaluation.

  8. If the applicant is accepted, the acceptance papers are processed via IAESTE country offices and are sent to the student’s IAESTE representative by IAESTE Turkey office. The acceptance papers are not sent directly to the students, as the student should pay a fee before receiving the acceptance documents.

  9. The students are responsible for their own visa application according to the rules of each country.

Reserved offers are processed between the student who has an individual acceptance and the IAESTE Turkey office. The procedure is as follows:

  1. The student contacts an institution abroad and receives a personal invitation on their behalf.

  2. The acceptance letter should state the period of internship and the payment that the student will receive during this period. As the IAESTE is not a funding institution, the employer should guarantee a certain payment.

  3. The student contacts IAESTE Turkey and presents the invitation letter of the employer, which is then shown to the IAESTE office in the country where the employer is located.

  4. If the other country’s IAESTE office approves the reserved offer, the student can have the documents required for the visa.

  5. This procedure is also subject to a fee set annually.